The KIDZ MANIA is a getaway area for both children and their parents where they can eat, learn and play at the same time. Designed to be unique, The KIDZ MANIA has a one of kind play area, enrichment center and Cafe.

The KIDZ MANIA is meant for children aged 12 months - 12 years.

The KIDZ MANIA is an ideal location to host your child's birthday party. Our event manager here will make sure that your child's special day is even more special without you having to get involved.

The KIDZ MANIA is a place for children and their parents. We encourage and support your decisions and are always happy to help out.

The KIDZ MANIA has a in-house Cafe called “Cafe Menu” which caters to you and your child's needs. When your child is busy with food for the brain, you can sit back and indulge in some food for the foodie in you.

The KIDZ MANIA has a one of its kind play area with state of the art play equipment designed especially for children aged 2 - 12 years of age to encourage them to play actively and explore the world around them by stimulating curiosity and keeping the engaged through a lot of physical activities.